Myanmar Trademark Law Comes into Effect in 2020

29 Nov 2019

NAYPYITAW - Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP) would like to draw the attention of its clients that the Myanmar Trademark Law will be implemented in 2020 in two stages; (1) Soft Opening and (2) Grand Opening.

Applicants who do not have existing registrations for their trademarks but are interested in protecting them should proceed immediately to register the marks before December 31, 2019 under the current practice to be qualified for re-filing during the Soft Opening. 

The Soft Opening is expected to run for a period of six months starting from January 2020. Otherwise, all new trademark applications can only be filed after the Grand Opening that is expected to be in July 2020.

Applicants who have existing registrations should prepare the necessary documents and information for re-filing of all their marks during the Soft Opening.  In the absence of undertaking this step, mark holders will lose out on an early filing date as the early filing is advised noting that Myanmar will adopt ‘first to file’ principle.

Trademark Registration Steps under the Trademark Law:

Step 1. Filling of Application

Step 2. Formalities Check

Step 3. Absolute Ground Myanmar Examination

Step 4. Publication

Step 5. Substantive Examination (Post opposition period)

Step 6: Registration or Rejection

The following information shall be needed for the re-filing during the Soft Opening period:

  • The photo of the recorded mark;
  • The detail owner’s name, Company Incorporation Number, Passport No, ID No and address;
  • The international classes and list of goods (or) services
  • The number of Registration and date.

AGIP set out its charges as follows:

Service Cost Professional Total
Filing an application for Registration 263 52 315
Issuance of the Registration Certificate 105 21 126

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