2018 IP Year in Review

26 Dec 2018

AGIP brings you a round-up of top IP stories of 2018:

Saudi Arabia
New VAT Rate: As of January 1, 2018, VAT of 5% has been applied in Saudi Arabia in relation of goods and services. As a result of this new regulation, professional (attorney) charges of all intellectual property related transactions and services in Saudi Arabia were subject to the new VAT rate.

Legalized POA: The applicant/registrant of .OM domain name should submit Power of Attorney (POA) duly legalized by the Apostille with seal, or legalized up to the Consulate of Oman.
Eleventh Edition of Nice Classification: The Eleventh Edition of Nice Classification has been officially adopted in Oman.

Official Patent Search: Prior to filing a patent application in Oman, the patentee may conduct a patent search to determine whether someone else has already patented his invention.

Trademark Applications re-filing: Iraq started on January 29, 2018 issuing official notifications requesting the re-filing of trademark applications with numbers of 51000 to 72000 within seven days; failure to re-file these applications would lead to removal of the application.

Trademarks in Latin Script: It is possible to file trademark applications in Latin letters, and it is not necessary to submit the Arabic transliteration of the same trademark.

Online Trademark Registration System: The online service enabled Russian companies and local agents to file their new trademark applications from filing up to registration and check their status online.

National Phase of PCT Applications: Kuwait started accepting PCT applications designating Kuwait and entering into the national phase, as from March 27, 2018.

Online Trademark Renewal System: Kuwait has upgraded its system and switched from manual filing of renewal applications to an online system. As per the current practice, trademark renewals will be submitted electronically; however, renewal certificates will be issued manually for the time being. The renewal certificates are expected to be issued electronically as well on later stage.

New Regulation Clarifies Trademark Registration Duration: Pursuant to the Ministerial Decision No. 20 of 2018 issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Yemen, new periods have been set to regulate the trademark registration procedures. The new regulation also set out several key points pertaining the trademark registration process, which coincide with the legal periods stipulated in the trademarks law in Yemen.

New Ministerial Resolution on Trademarks: Following the Ministerial Resolution No. 20 of 2018 previously issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Yemen, the Ministry issued the new Ministerial Resolution No. 72 of 2018 on determination of specific procedures related to trademark registration.

Online Patent Applications: Bahrain launched online patent applications, allowing Bahraini citizens, companies and local agents to file their patent applications and check their status online.

Substantive Examination of Pending Patent Applications: The Patent Office of Bahrain announced that it has started the substantive examination of pending patent applications in Bahrain, as from May 29, 2018.

New Implementing Regulations for Patents and Utility Models Law: The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Bahrain issued the Ministerial Decision No. 101 of 2018 regarding the new Implementing Regulations for Patents and Utility Models Law No. 1 of 2004, which have been published in the Official Gazette No. 3397 on December 13, 2018, and entered into force in the Kingdom the following day.

New VAT Rate: The VAT Law in Bahrain has been issued under the Royal Decree No. (48) of 2018 on October 6, 2018. A VAT rate of 5% will be applied in Kingdom of Bahrain, effective from January 1, 2019.

Electronic Certificate for Trademark Registration: The Moroccan Trademark Office (OMPIC) has started issuing trademark registration certificates electronically, in a digital PDF format that bear the official stamp of OMPIC. The certificate has the same legal value as the hard copy.

Online Trademark Renewal System: The Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates announced that the trademark renewal certificates in the UAE is being issued electronically through its website upon completing the renewal procedures. The new system covers new trademark renewal applications, and those filed electronically as from December 6, 2015.

New PCT Regulations: New regulations have been applied to all PCT applications in Iran, for granted, pending and future cases, as from May 30, 2018. 

New Procedures for Intellectual Property Rights Assignment: The new procedures have been applied to IPRs in Lebanon in connection with trademarks, patents, industrial designs and copyrights. The new procedures stipulated that the applicants have to submit the original certificates of their assigned IPRs with the recordal applications in order to issue new certificates in the name of the current owners.

Implementing Regulations of Patent Law: The Patent Office in Qatar has issued the implementing regulations of the Patent Law dated May 1, 2018. The implementing regulations have not yet been officially formalized, but they are now implemented on the patents during the examination of the same.

New Resolution on Patent Renewal Fees: As per the new decision issued by the Directorate of Industrial Property Protection in Jordan, it is permitted to pay annuity fees for several years in advance for granted patents in Jordan. Accordingly, all annuities of the patent life span can be paid at once in advance.

Reduces IDN ccTLD (الاردن. “.alurdun”) Registration Fees: Jordan reduced the registration fees of IDN ccTLD (الاردن. “.alurdun”) domain names to be JOD 25.00 (USD 35.31) instead of JOD 100.00 (USD 141.24), starting from July 01, 2018.

New Official Fees: The new official fees list for trademarks, patents and designs services adopted by the Albanian IP Office entered into force as from June 6, 2018. The new fees covered filing, publication, registration, renewal, recordal, oppositions and cancellation of trademark, patent and design applications.

In 2018 and similar to previous years, a series of successes and achievements were added to AGIP's record:

AGIP Receives MIP’s Middle East IP Firm of the Year Award for 2018:
Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP) received the Middle East IP Firm of the Year award for 2018 at the Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) ceremony held at the Savoy Hotel in London. AGIP earned this regional recognition, for the 9th year, for its outstanding IP practices in the Middle East.

AGIP Wins the Best IP Advisor in Africa & Middle East:
AGIP Won the Best IP Advisor in Africa & Middle East at Innovation & IP Forum and Awards, the first edition of the Innovation & IP Forum and Awards, held in France. AGIP was awarded for its outstanding achievements, excellent services and exceptional contributions to the IP community.

AGIP’s National Business Development Executive Director Receives INTA Volunteer Service Award 2018:
AGIP’s National Business Development Executive Director, Mr. Motasem Abu-Ghazaleh, has been named one of just six winners of the annual Volunteer Service Award for the Advancement of Trademark Law granted by INTA. Mr. Abu-Ghazaleh received the Volunteer Service Award for his exemplary volunteer service and dedicated efforts as co-chair of the INTA’s Middle East Global Advisory Council. 

AGIP Serves Clients in Japan through its New Liaison Office:
AGIP launched its new liaison office is Osaka, Japan to be a key contact for Japanese IP owners and law firms looking to manage and enforce their IP portfolios around the world. 

AGIP Opens its Second Liaison Office in Canada:
AGIP opened its liaison office in Ottawa, the second in Canada after Montreal. The new office brings AGIP closer to its clients in Canada seeking protection and enforcement of their intellectual property rights worldwide.

AGIP China one of the 'Top Ten IP Agency':
In recognition for its leading role in supporting Intellectual Property community in China, AGIP was awarded the “Top Ten Overseas IP Agency” 2018 during the Power Nation IP Forum (CIPF), which was hosted by the Beijing Power Nation Institute of Intellectual Property, at the National Convention Center.

AGIP an Authorized IP Agent in Indonesia:
AGIP is now operating as IP agent in Indonesia, where it represents IP owners before the Intellectual Property Office in obtaining IPRs protection.

AGIP Launches its Services in Bangladesh:
AGIP launched its new operational office in Bangladesh to meet the growing needs and expectations of its clients around the world. The new office provides IP services, covering trademark, patent, industrial design and model, copyright and domain name registration, prosecution, counseling, litigation and licensing, in addition to teaching Arabic language courses, training and consulting services.

AGIP Honored by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
In recognition of its valuable expertise and technical support provided to Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AGIP has been honored by the Chamber in a special ceremony held at the Chamber’s headquarters, for its significant role in safeguarding Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and providing the necessary technical advice.

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