Ag-IP-news Agency Exclusively Covers the WIPO and JIC-RSS ‘Patent Drafting’ Workshop

28 Nov 2008

AMMAN – Upon the request of Jordan Innovation Centre for Engineers and Industrial Enterprises (JIC) at the Royal Scientific Society (RSS), Ag-IP-news Agency, the only specialized global Intellectual Property news agency, contributed to the success of “Patent Drafting” workshop through its exclusive media coverage of the event that was organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Center, November 23-27, 2008.

The main objectives of the workshop were to help participants acquire theoretical and practical skills related to patents and patent application procedures and to develop claim drafting skills.

The event was designed to train individuals who have scientific backgrounds and would have the possibility to work as first drafters of patent applications for national and international filings.

The core skills that were imparted include scope of patent, patent application procedures, different types of claims, and claim drafting, in compliance with procedural requirements. The workshop thus provided capacity building in the field that is critical to IP asset development in Jordan.

Technical fields that were covered in this workshop are chemistry; electrical and information and communication technology (ICT); and mechanical engineering.

The training was conducted by distinguished international patent attorneys, who are practitioners of patent drafting and patent prosecution in different technical fields, in addition to local experts.

Attending the workshop were scientists, researchers, technology managers, inventors, SMEs and attorneys with technical backgrounds, who will be drafting a patent claims in the future.

After the completion of Part One, Part Two and Part Three, the participants will receive a certificate of WIPO Training.

The workshop was sponsored by the Research and Technological Development and Innovation Initiatives and Strategies in Jordan (SRTD), a €4 million EU-funded program run by the Higher Council for Science and Technology’s National Fund for Enterprise Support (NAFES), and the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation.

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