New Directives for Trademark Registration Extension in Kurdistan


ERBIL - The Trademarks Registrar of Kurdistan issued new directives suspending the legal extension of registered Iraqi trademarks to Kurdistan region until further notice. 

In lieu of this change in practice, trademark registration should be sought directly with the Kurdistan Trademark Office through filing new trademark application.

Prior to the new practice, it was possible to obtain legal protection through registration of trademarks in Kurdistan; if the owner of a registered trademark in Iraq wishes to extend its protection to Kurdistan, the Iraqi Trademarks Registrar sends an official letter to the Trademarks Registrar of Kurdistan providing the full details of that trademark filed in Iraq with a report on its status whether accepted or registered, in order to protect the trademark and register it under Kurdistan jurisdiction. 

Taking this into account, we advise our clients to file their trademarks directly in Erbil before the Trademarks Registrar of Kurdistan to obtain the legal protection for their trademarks.

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