D1: Are designs registrable in your country?

D2: Should the design application be filed under the form of drawings and/or photographs, the size thereof and the number of views?

D3: What are the novelty requirements for a design application to be valid?
New shape.

D4: Can convention priority be claimed in your country? (Paris Convention)

D5: Does your country use the international classification?

D6: Is the assignment of the creator compulsory for a design application?
Yes, if the applicant is not the designer.

D7: Is there any deadline to apply for the publication of a secret filing of a model/design?

D8: Are there any special advantages in filing a model or a design in a secret form?
Not applicable.

D9: Is it possible to file more than one design/model in the same application?
No If yes, are there any advantages in doing so?

D10: What is the term of protection of a model or design in your country? 5 years. Can this term be extended?
Yes, 2 periods of 5 years for each.

D11: Is use required to maintain a registration of a model or design in your country?

D12: Are designs/models protected by copyright law as well?

D13: Are there provisions in your law to oppose a model/design registration?

D14: Is it possible to apply for cancellation of a model/design filed in a secret form?


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