A new Law No. 28 of 2011 related to Industrial Designs has been issued in Yemen, the new law has indicated the following:

The validity of a design registration is now ten years calculated from the application filing date, and is not renewable.
An application in respect of a design is submitted to the registry along with its supporting documents. The Registrar notifies the applicant of the receipt of his application within about one month. The application then proceeds to examination, following which a decision to accept the application or reject it is issued. Once an application is accepted, it is entered in the register and published in the Official Gazette. Any interested third party may file an opposition against the design application within 90 days from the publication date. In the absence of any opposition, it proceeds to registration for the issuance of the registration certificate.
A design can be licensed or assigned only to the extent of the industrial products it covers. An assignment or a license should be made in writing and should be recorded with the Patent Office in order to be effective against third parties, noting that a license can also be cancelled by submitting an application with the Patent Office.


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