P1: Can a patent search be conducted?

P2: Can a patent application be filed without its complete documents?

P3: Can convention priority be claimed? (Paris Convention)
Yes, within12 months from the date of first filing of the priority application.

P4: Is it possible to enter national phase of PCT application?
Yes, within 30 months from the earliest priority date.

P5: What is not patentable in Qatar?
According to Patent Law No. 30 of 2006, patentability shall not include: 

a) Scientific theories, mathematical methods, computer programs, exercise of pure intellectual activities, or practice of a specific game; 
b) Plants and animals researches, and essentially biological processes for the production of plants or animals other than microbiological processes and its productions. 
c) Diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical methods for the treatment of humans or animals and its productions;

P6: What is the term of protection of a patent and from which date is it calculated? Can it be extended?

Twenty (20) years starting from the Qatar filing date, (in case of PCT, starting from the PCT filing date). The term of protection is non-extendable.

P7: Are utility models granted protection in Qatar under the Current Law?
Not applicable.

P8: Is there a novelty requirement? Is it local or worldwide?
Yes, worldwide.

P9: Is the patent protection available for software alone, or must the software be coupled with computer hardware in order to permit patent application?
Not applicable.

P10: Can annuity payments be made before the granting of the patent?

P11: In what language should specifications and claims of the patent be filed?
In Arabic & English.

P12: Is it required to legalize the priority document?
No, certified copy of the priority document is required for application filed claiming any foreign priority for non PCT applications.

P13: Is it required to submit a certified copy of the priority document for PCT applications?

P14: Can the specifications or claims be amended after filing the application?
Yes, but before the application reaches examination stage.

P15: When will the annuities be due for patent application in Qatar?
Annuities are due on the anniversary of international filing date for PCT national phase application and on the anniversary of the national filing date for non PCT application (priority and non-priority application)

P16: Are annuities payable only after grant of the Patent?
No. They should be timely settled throughout the term of the patent in Qatar starting from the next year of filing the application or from the PCT filing date.

P17: Is there any grace period for the payment of annuity?
Yes, Annuity should be paid within 6 months from the due date. 

P18: Is it possible to pay the maintenance fees all at once?
Yes, it is possible to pay the annual fees in advance for the entire term till the end of the protection period or in parts thereof.

P19: Does Patent Office send notifications for due/lapsed annuities?
No. The same has to be monitored by client’s agent or annuity service

P20: Does the Patent Office publish the patent applications in the Official Gazette?
Yes, accepted patents are published in the Industrial Property Journal.


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