Recordation with Customs Department.

Recordation with the Customs Department is one of the most effective procedures for enforcing intellectual property rights (IPRs) in Jordan.

This service, which has been introduced for the first time in Jordan, gives trademarks’ proprietors protection against the unauthorized importation of goods bearing trademarks or logos identical or similar to their trademarks through recordation with the Customs Department of any trademarks registered with Jordan’s Ministry of Industry and Trade.

As a prerequisite, trademarks’ proprietors have to register their trademarks with Jordan’s Ministry of Industry and Trade first and then record the trademark with the Customs Department.

Upon this recordation, the Customs officials across all Jordanian customs border points shall have the right to stop and seize any goods found to bear similar or identical trademark(s) to the original ones.

In the case of suspicious goods, the Customs Department will inform the proprietors of the original trademarks through AGIP in order to take legal action against those responsible for importing the goods in question to Jordan within a non-extendible period of 8 days from the date of notification. Otherwise, the Customs Department is obliged to release such goods.

The recordation procedures are very simple and no further documents need to be provided other than the final certificate of registration and a specimen of the mark as currently used.


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TM Recordation with Customs Department