C1: Is copyright protected in Jordan?

C2: What types of items copyright law in Jordan protects?
The original works of literature, arts and sciences shall enjoy protection under this law no matter what their type, importance or purpose of production is.

The protection shall comprise the works of art whose mode of expression is in writing, sound, drawing, photography or in particular:

*Books, Booklets and other writings.
*The orally delivered works of art such as lectures, speeches and sermons.
*Dramatic works, song plays, dramatic-musical works and pantomimes.
*Musical works whether or not in musical notations and whether or not       accompanied by words.
*Cinematographic, radiophonic and audio-visual works of art.
*The works of drawing, painting, sculpture, engraving, architecture applied-arts  and decoration.
*Explanatory diagrams, maps, blueprints, and three-dimensional works relating to geography and typography.
*Computer software.

The protection shall include the title of the work of art unless the title is a common expression that denotes the topic of the work.

C3: What is the length of protection of a copyright in Jordan?
1. The rights of performers and producers of phonograms shall be protected for 50 years.
2. The rights of broadcasting organizations shall bw protected for 20 years.

3. The copyright protection period provided for in this law shall be valid for the lifetime of the author and for 50 years after his death or after the death of the last person remaining alive among the authors who took part in compiling the work if they are more than one author.

C4: How long does a copyright take to be registered?
From 3 - 5 days.

C5: What kind of sanctions does the Jordanian law provide against infringers?
An imprisonment term of no less than three months and no more that three years and a fine of no less than JD 1000 and of no more than JD 3000 or by both.

C6: Are there any limitations of copyright in the Jordanian jurisdictions?
Unless the collections are characterized by personal effort which embodies innovation or arrangement the protection provided for in this law shall not include the following works of art:

*Laws, regulations, court judgments, the decisions of administrative bodies, international conventions, and all official documents, as well as the complete or partial official translations thereof.

*Published, broadcast or publicly announced news of the day.

*The works of art which fell in the public domain. The national folklore shall be regarded as public ownership for the purposes of this provision provided that the Minister shall exercise the rights of the author with regard to those works against distortion, modification or detriment to the cultural interests.

C7: Must transfer agreements be recorded?
The ownership transfer of the original copy of a work of art or its copies or one unique copy or several copies thereof to others shall not include the transfer of copyright in that work to others. However, whoever owns the copy or copies shall have the right to display it to the public and shall not have to allow the author to reproduce, convey or display it unless otherwise is agreed upon.

C8: Must license agreements be recorded?

C9: Are there any consequences of non recordal of agreements?
It can be considered as an infringement action.


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