P1. Is it possible to search for patent equivalents or prior inventions in the official database in Bahrain? 

- Patent search are not applicable at present in Bahrain

P2. What is the protection period of a patent in Bahrain?

- 20 years from the filing date, and cannot be renewed thereafter.

P3. When are the Annuities due for a patent registration in Bahrain?

- Patent annuities are applicable on the anniversary of the grant date of a patent.

P4. What is the time frame for registration of patent in Bahrain?

- At present, the patent office in Bahrain only accepts the filing of the national phase applications, and has not started the examination procedure as yet. Also, no time frame has been provided for implementing procedures for substantive examination and the remaining steps.

P5. Is it possible to amend the specifications and claims of a patent application in Bahrain?

- Yes, provided the amended claims and specifications are filed at the patent office before the substantive examination.

P6. If a patent is based on a PCT-application will the duration be calculated from the PCT-filing date?

- National phase patent applications in Bahrain must be filed within 30 months from the first priority date or from the international PCT application's filing date (if no priority application was filed); confirming that this time limit is non-extendable.

P7. Is it possible to file a national patent application in Bahrain and what shall be the priority claiming term? 

- Yes, absolute novelty is a requirement for filing a national patent application. The priority claim term shall be 12 months as of the date of first filing, according to Paris Convention.

P8. Which inventions are not patentable in Bahrain?

- According to the patents law of Bahrain, all inventions are patentable in Bahrain; except the following:

(i) Plants, animals and processes – which are mostly organic – used for the production of plants or animals, with the exception of micro-organisms, non-organic and microbiology processes.

(ii) Discoveries, scientific theories and mathematical methods.

(iii) Methods of surgical or therapeutic treatment of human or animal body and methods of diagnosis applied to human or animal bodies, with the exception of products used in any of these methods.

(iv) Schemes, rules and methods of conducting commercial activities, exercising pure mental activities or playing a game.

P9: Is there a grace period for payment of patent annuities?

- Yes, the patent office allows a grace period of 6 months to pay the relevant annuity without late fees and a further grace period of 6 months with late fees payment.


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