Any legal disputes shall be forwarded to the courts . Once a court order is issued to cancel the domain name AGIP will abide by the order to cancel or amend a name

Domain Name Format:

• Domain name could be alphanumeric (a-z) and (0-9).

• Domain name should not contain spaces or dots.

• Domain name should not be less than 2 characters length and not more than 63 characters.

• Domain name should not contain any symbols such as @, #, $, % ... etc. The only symbol which is allowed is the hyphen (-) and it should be used in the middle and not in the beginning nor in the end.

• Domain names must not contain words, phrases or abbreviations that are obscene, scandalous, indecent, or contrary to Bahraini Law or Islamic morality.

• A registered domain name does not confer any legal right or ownership to that name. It simply represents a technical label to be used on the Internet.

Domain Name Conflicts:

• Any disputes over the rights to use a particular domain name are to be settled between the contending parties using normal legal methods. AGIP exempts itself from all responsibility for the verification of rights to a name. AGIP cannot act as an arbitrator of disputes arising out of this kind of conflict.

• AGIP will not be liable for any interruption of business, or any indirect damages of any kind (including losses of profits) or otherwise.

• AGIP may suspend registration of a pending application for a disputed domain name in case of a conflict with another pending application or an already registered domain name until the conflicting registrants present a signed and written settlement of the conflict.

• Acceptance of an application and registration of a domain name by AGIP does not endorse approval or support to submitted names of natural or legal identities, trade names or trademarks.


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