D1. What is the protection period of a patent and industrial design in Bahrain?

- 10 years from the filing date and can be renewed only once for a further period of 5 years.

D2. When are the annuities due for an industrial design registration in Bahrain?

- Annuities are applicable on the anniversary of the design publication date.

D3. What is the time frame for registration of an industrial design in Bahrain?

- 10-12 months from the filing date

D4: Is there a grace period for payment of industrial design annuities?

- Yes, the patent office allows a grace period of 6 months to pay the relevant annuity without late fees and a further grace period of 6 months with late fees payment.

D5. Is deferment of publication and registration possible for an industrial design application in Bahrain?

- This option is not specified by the law, however it is possible to delay payment of the publication and registration fees for a certain period only.

D6. What types of representations are accepted for a design application?

- Drawings or photographs.

D7. Is it possible to file several designs in one application (multiple designs application)?

- No, multi-design applications are not permissible in Bahrain and a separate application must be filed for each design.

D8. What are the minimum and maximum numbers of views required for a design application?

- The minimum of views must be 5 views (i.e. right, left, top, bottom and prescriptive views)

D9. Is it possible to conduct search for a prior design in the official records?

- Design search is currently not possible at the patent office.


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