C1: Is copyright protected in Bahrain?
- Yes.

C2: What types of items are protected by copyright law in Bahrain?
- Creative works which are of a literary, scientific, artistic and cultural nature are protected by copyright law in Bahrain.

C3: What is the length of protection of a copyright in Bahrain?
- 50 years after the death of the author.

C4: How long does a copyright take to be registered?
- One week.

C5: What kind of sanctions does your copyright law provide against infringers?
- Imprisonment for no more than one year and/or fine not exceeding BD1000.

C6: Are there any limitations of copyright in the Bahraini jurisdictions?
- No.

C7: Must transfer agreements be recorded?
- Yes.

C8: Must license agreements be recorded?
- Yes.

C9: Are there any consequences of non recordal of agreements?
- Not applicable.


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