Requirements for Filing Patent Applications

• Title of the invention;

• Specification of the technical field or fields to which the invention relates;

• Indication of the background art which, as far as known to the applicant, can be regarded as useful for the understanding, searching and examination of the invention, and, preferably, cite the documents reflecting such background art;

• Disclosure of the invention, as claimed, in such terms that the technical problem (even if not expressly stated as such) and its solution can be understood, and state the advantageous effects, if any, of the invention with reference to the background art;

• Brief description of the figures in the drawings, if any;

• Statement on the best mode known to the applicant for establishing the invention known to the inventor at the filing date or, where priority is claimed, priority date of the application. This is done by way of giving examples and where appropriate, and with reference to the drawings, if any;

• Explicit indication on when it is not otherwise obvious from the description or nature of the invention, the way or ways in which the invention is capable of industrial application or of other use; and

• Applications comprising the disclosure of nucleotide or amino acid sequences must also comprise a sequence listing filed in a computer readable form.



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