The Electronic and Postal Communications Act, 2010 is an Act to make provisions for the enactment of electronic and postal communications law with to keep abreast with developments in the electronic communications industry, provide for a comprehensive regulatory regime for electronic communications service providers and postal communications service providers, establish the Central Equipment Identification Register for registration of detachable 81M card and built-in 81M card mobBe phones, provide for duties of electronic communications and postal licensees, agents and customers, content regulation, issuance of postal communication licences and to regulate competitions and practices.

Electronic addresses are used for electronic communication and they include addresses under dot-tz country code Top Level Domain (.tz ccTLD). The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has the obligation of overseeing the management of .tz ccTLD resource in the country.

Section 79 of Electronic and Postal Communications Act upon TCRA the role of regulating all electronic communication numbering and electronic addresses and ensuring efficient use by, among others, performing an oversight role on the Management of the Tanzania’s country code Top Level Domain.

Regulation 10 Sub-regulations (1) and (2) of the Electronic and Postal Communications (Electronic Communications Numbering and Addressing) Regulations provide that:

1. Any company, Government and non-Governmental organizations, society, partnership or community registered and conducting business in Tanzania shall register and use domain names with dot-tz-ccLTD.

2. Dot-tz Electronic Communications shall be used for all official correspondences unless where proved technically not possible.

The Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Tanzania are:,,,,,,,,,, and

The registration and maintenance fees for any of these is USD. 94.99 per year.


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