Requirements for Filing Trademark Applications

1. Name of the trademark.
2. Name and address of the owner of the trademark.
3. A logo or copy of the trademark from which very tiny copies of the mark (referred as Bromides) are produced for use in the registration process.
4. Three original copies of duly executed Form 1 - Authorization of Agent.

The Certificate of Registration of the Trademark is issued approximately 18 months after the application for registration is accepted. The reason for this lengthy period is because the Certificate of Registration is issued only after publication in the Trademark Journal and the Trademark Journal is not published regularly so, there is always a waiting list of between 12 - 18 months for outstanding trademarks to be published. However, once a search is conducted and a letter of acceptance is issued by the Trademark Registry, in practice objections to the application for registration of the trademark are rarely raised.



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