C1. Is copyright protected in Malaysia?

C2. Is registration of copyright a must to obtain protection?
No, it gives an automatic exclusive right to the owner of a copyright for a specific period over the copyrighted works. However, it is advisable for the copyright owner to claim ownership by filing Copyright Voluntary Notification (VN) which can be used as a prima facie evidence in proving his creative works as the owner of his copyrighted works. 

C3. What category of works copyright law in Malaysia protects?

(h) Literary works;
(i) Musical works;
(j) Artistic works;
(k) Films;
(l) Sound recordings;
(m) Broadcasts; and
(n) Derivative works.

C4. What is the length of protection of a copyright in Malaysia?

Generally, copyright shall subsist during the life of the author and shall continue to subsist until the expiry of a period of 50 years after his death. However, the copyright shall subsist 50 years from the beginning of the calendar year following the year that the work was first published, made or fixed:-

(a) Literary, musical or artistic works where the author is not known;
(b) Published editions;
(c) Sound recordings;
(d) Broadcasts;
(e) Films;
(f) Performers’ rights.

C5. Must license and/or assignment agreements be recorded?

If the work has been recorded in the register for Copyright Voluntary Notification, it is always advisable to update the records at the Registry on any assignment and/or license by filing Notification of Assignment and/or License.


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