Application Requirements

Non-Madrid Protocol Applications

For applications that are not filed under the Madrid Protocol, the following information must be filed with the application:

1. Applicant’s full name.

2. Applicant’s address.

3. Applicant’s nationality or state/nation of incorporation.

4. Trademark or clear copy (stylized or device marks).

5. Designated goods and/or services.

6. International class(es)

If priority under the Paris Convention will also be claimed, the following additional information is needed:

1. Date of the priority application.

2. Country in which the priority application was filed.

3. Applicant’s name and address.

4. Serial number of the priority application.

5. Certified copy of the priority application

Please note that items 1, 2, and 3 must be provided upon filing the application in Japan. However items 4 and 5 may be submitted within three (3) months of the Japanese filing date. As a member of the Paris Convention, Japan provides for six (6) months priority.

Madrid Protocol Applications

In order to prosecute an International Registration before the JPO, the following documents are needed:

 1. A complete copy of the Notice of Provisional Refusal.

2. An original signed Power of Attorney.


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