Necessary Information for Design Application

  1. Full name and full address of the applicant(s). (In the case of a corporation, its registered name, and registered address or principal place of business).
  2. Full name and full address of the creator (s).
  3. Priority data (country/date/number).
  4. Title of the article to which the subject design is applied.

Necessary Documents for Design Application

  1. Priority Certificate(s)

    One or more certified priority documents must be filed within three months from the Japanese filing date.

  2. Drawings/ Photographs

    Formal Drawings: to meet general formality requirements, basically six views, i.e. front view, rear view, right side view, left side view, top plan view and bottom plan view must be prepared in the same scale at right angles. Mirror images can be omitted. We need two copies of the drawings.

    If photographs are submitted in place of the formal drawings, they must be smaller than 113 mm x 150 mm, clearly show contour lines of the design, not include things other than the design in the background. The six essential views must have the same scale and right angle. Two sets of each photo are needed.

    To cover a two-dimensional article, both the front and rear plan views are necessary.

  3. Power of Attorney It is not necessary to submit a power of attorney for initial filing procedures of applications in Japan. However, the Japanese Patent Office may later require a power of attorney for certain procedures, e.g., to demand an appeal of a rejection of an application, for a post-grant opposition or for an appeal for invalidation of granted patent, etc.


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