Filing Requirements
Trademark Application (Requirements)

- A Power of Attorney signed by the applicant company’s representative and legalized by any Iranian Consulate abroad 

- Certified copy of the extract from the commercial register is required.

Or a notarized copy of the Commercial extract 

- Certified copy of priority documents (if claimed).

• Please note that certified color copy of the applicant’s passport will be required for filing a trademark in the name an individual.

Trademark Application (required Information)

1. Name of Applicant
2. Address of Applicant

3. Legal Type of company
4. Registration Number of Company;

a. for U.S applicants, company tax number also required

5. Sample of trademark in JPG

6. Please indicate the color that should be claimed

• Note: If black & white, device in JPG format, must be in black & white

7. Goods and Services with the related Serial Number must be provided (approved by the IIPO list of goods attached)

Read the article: United States Sanctions on Iran and Trademark Rights:

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Read the article: United States Sanctions on Iran and Trademark Rights