P1. Can a patent application be filed without its complete documents?
Yes, minimum requirements for filing patent application is data of the applicant, data of the inventor, and patent specification.

If the specification is in other language than Indonesian, its Indonesian translation shall be submitted within 1 month since the filing date.

Other requirements namely Power of Attorney, Statement of Assignment of Right from inventor to the applicant, and Statement of Ownership of the Invention (by Inventor) shall be submitted within 3 months since the filing date.

P2. Can priority be claimed?

P3. Is there a novelty requirement? Is it local or worldwide?
Yes, worldwide.

P4. How long is the period of protection for patent?
20 years and cannot be renewed.

P5. Are simple patent utility models granted protection in Indonesia under the current law? How long is the period of protection?
Yes, 10 years and cannot be renewed.

P6. Can a Patent be assigned?

P7. What are the criteria to request for a mandatory license for a Patent?
Mandatory license may be requested to the Patent Office for a patent in which the patent holder does not use it within 36 months after the patent is granted, or if the patent holder use his patent in a way that harmS to public, or for a patent which cannot be implemented without using other party’s patent which is still valid.

P8. Can annuity be paid before a patent is granted?


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