C1. Is copyright protected in Indonesia?

C2. Is registration of copyright a must to obtain protection?
No, copyright is automatically vested after the work is embodied in a tangible form. However, it is strongly recommended to record it at the Copyright Office as evidence of ownership.

C3. What types of items copyright law in Indonesia protects?
Works which include scientific, artistic, and literary Works, comprise:

a. books, pamphlets, typholographical arrangement of published written work, and all other written works; 
b. talks, lectures, speeches, and other similar Works; 
c. visual aids made for educational and scientific purposes; 
d. songs and/or music with or without lyrics; 
e. dramatic works, musical dramas, dances, choreography, puppet shows, pantomimes; 
f. fine art works in any forms such as paintings, drawings, engravings, calligraphy, carvings, sculptures, or collage; 
g. applied art works; 
h. architectural works; 
i. maps; 
j. batik art works or other patterns art; 
k. photographic works; 
l. Portraits; 
m. cinematographic works; 
n. translations, interpretations, alterations, anthologies, databases, adaptation, arrangement, modification and other works resulting from transformation; 
o. translation, adaptation, arrangement, transformation, or modification of traditional cultural expressions; 
p. compilation of Works or data, whether in a readable format by Computer Program or by other media; 
q. compilation of traditional cultural expressions as long as the compilation constitutes an original work; 
r. video games; and 
s. Computer Programs.

C4. What are the legal consequences of transferring copyright of a work through sold flat agreement related with the copyright ownership for such work?
The copyright ownership of the said work shall be deemed reverted to the Author when the agreement reaches a period of twenty-five (25) years.

C5. Must license agreements be recorded?

C6. What is the consequence if a license agreement is not recorded?
It does not have legal effects to third parties.


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