Filing Requirements
Trademark Applications

1- POA legalized up to the Iraqi consulate, then legalized from our end.
2- Registration certificate of the trademark at home or worldwide, legalized up to the Iraqi consulate, then legalized from our end.
3- Time frame for registration is 6-8 months (in normal conditions).

Filing stages are as follows:

• Search of the TM: (the prior filing search is compulsory in Kurdistan in order to confirm the acceptance of the trademark before filing). The time frame of this stage is 20-30 days (In normal conditions).
• Filing of the TM: the requirements as above, time frame about 10 days (In normal conditions).
• Publication stage takes 90 days of publishing in an official gazette for the opposition period, after the end of the said period and no opposition has been appeared, the TM will be approved for registration.
• Registration stage: after the end of the publication stage and paying the official fees for registration, the TM will be in a queue for issuing the registration certificate, and it is very difficult to predict the time frame for this stage.

1- Filing in Kurdistan depend on subclasses not classes, due to our local classification of goods and services divided the international classes to subclasses each covers the protection of certain goods or services, accordingly the charges are calculated according to the number of subclasses, corresponding to the specification of goods required to be protected.
2- A multiclass registration application is applicable in Kurdistan along with class heading.


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