Filing Requirements
Domain Name Applications

*Application Form (can be submitted by mail, email or fax)                                                        
*A letter from "your client" requesting the domain name                                                  
(Letter must be on YOUR client's official letterhead)                                                       
(Must be submitted by mail)                                                      
(See sample request letter)                                                       
(It is preferred that the letterhead be in “color” and the signature in blue pen.  The Registry is very strict about the letter showing that it is “original”)                                                       
NOTE: According to the domain name practice laws in Kuwait, the Registrar checks the client’s (.com) web site to compare the WHOIS information to the request for the ( domain for further verification to find out if the  (.com) owner is the same owner of the ( domain. If no relation is found, there is a high possibility that the Registrar shall refuse the domains request.                                                         
Important Note Regarding Domain Ownership Issue:                                                  
*It is not possible to register domain names in Kuwait in the name of foreign companies, however AGIP is able to register domain names on the behalf of foreign companies since local presentation is a must.                                                                                                    
*If the client has a local company, they can be the owner of the domain name. Otherwise, AGIP can register the required domain, however AGIP shall be listed as the owner of your domain.                                                       


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