The Sudan Internet Society (SIS) is the local registry for the Top-Level Domain Name (.sd) in Sudan.

Second-Level Domains entities that provide commercial services with valid commercial registrations from Ministry of Commerce (MOC) or any equivalent documents. Also, registered trade names and marks with MOC can be registered as domain names under entities that provide Internet-related services, e.g., ISPs, web hosting, portal sites, etc non-profit organizations including societies, charities, clubs and public organizations educational and training institutions, e.g., universities, training institutes, etc., with valid licenses from official government offices  kindergartens, elementary schools, secondary schools, and high schools with valid licenses from Ministry of Education or from General Presidency for Girls Education  entities that provides health services such as hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies, etc., with valid licenses from Ministry of Health   governmental entities including ministries, authorities and government organizations



Elasima Building , 13 Souq Garden City, 3rd Floor , Flat No. 301, Khartoum, Sudan

P.O. Box: 1623 Khartoum, Sudan
Telephone: (00249-1) 83763483
Fax: (00249-1) 83763484
Contact: Salah-Eddin Salem (Mr)


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