In order to proceed with the registration of a plant variety with Service de Controle des Semences et Plants in Morocco, the following is needed: 

- Whether the subject variety has been already examined with any authority in charge of examination of plant varieties. In the affirmative, the exam result is a mandatory requirement to be submitted to Service de Controle des Semences et Plants and only exam result will be chargeable. 

- The forms A, B & C in French language are to be filled by the breeders with the exception of any other spaces that are reserved to the Administration. The forms should be signed and stamped. 

Please be informed that the form B depends on the plant variety to be protected. Accordingly, the related form is provided upon receipt of instructions regarding the variety to be protected. 
- A simply signed Power of Attorney.

- Please be advised that the certified priority document (if priority is to be claimed) as well as priority deed of assignment document simply signed by the breeders evidencing the assignment of the subject variety to the current owner will be needed along with an original power of attorney signed and stamped in the name of the applicant. 


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