P1: Can a patent search be conducted?
Not officially, but can a proper search be conducted through our own databases.

P2: Can a patent application be filed without its complete documents? 
Yes, while submitting the remaining documents (mainly the translations) at a later stage within a specified period of time.

P3: Can convention priority be claimed? 

P4: Can a registration be obtained for pharmaceutical products?

P5: What is the term of protection of a patent and from which date is it calculated?
20 years, it is calculated from the date of the PCT application.

P6: Is there a novelty requirement? Is it local or worldwide?
Absolute novelty is required.

P7: Is patent protection inclusive of software? 
Software is protected by copyright law.

P8: Can the specifications or claims be amended?
Yes, but only after the preliminary search report and before the issuance of the patent.

P9: Could annuity payments be made before the granting of the patent?
No, annuities can only be paid upon the acceptance of the patent.

P10: In what language should specifications and claims of the patent be filed?
In French or Arabic.

P11: What are the conditions that might lead to a compulsory license?
Only if the object of the invention concerns national security; in such case the government may take the invention through a compulsory licensing.

P12: Does the Patent Law include for licenses or registered users?

P13: Does the Patents Office publish the patent applications on the national website?

P14: Are plant variety patents accepted in Morocco?
Plants are protected under the local Plant Variety law.

P15: Is it possible to initiate the national phase of a PCT application?

P16: Is it possible to recover a patent whose annuities have not been paid on time?
Only in very limited cases, with filing a restoration request explaining force majeure events.


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