• The owner’s name, trade, address with the full contact information
• A brief on the owner’s line of business and activities.
• Primary Server Hostname; Primary Server IP address; Secondary Server Hostname and Secondary Server IP address. Please specify whether the servers are DNS or NS1, NS2 …
• The name of the DNS service provider
• A Power of Attorney legalized up to the Iraqi consulate, see the attached form. Please make sure that the consulate put its two stamps on the backside of the document ﴾one stamp should be round in shape and the other is rectangle﴿. Please note that one POA will suffice for any number of .iq applications
• The owner should have a similar trademark or a trade name registered in Iraq. If the client has a branch licensed in Iraq , a copy of the license will be required
• An undertaking not to infringe trademark rights will be prepared and submitted by us.


• .iq/ for industrial and commercial companies, foundations and banks
• for NGOs or Non for Profit organizations
• for governmental authorities
• for universities, colleges , institutes and academic facilities whether sate-owned or of the private sector
• for militaries
• for network related services provider such as ISPs, media companies, broadcasting stations etc…
• for small enterprises
• for TV stations
• for individuals

Foreigners may have their domains registered on one of the following conditions:

1- The domain name is part of the name of the company that is established in Iraq or has a registered branch in Iraq
2- The domain name is identical to a trademark owned by the applicant and has been duly registered in Iraq
3- The domain name is identical to a trade name that the applicant has registered in Iraq for its local business.
4- Priority for registration is decided on the basis of who comes first gets served first.


- We need from 10 to 23 days to have the Power of Attorney authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to get the Trademark Office certification letter about the registration of the identical trademark in Iraq, so please count this time in your calculations for the timeframe to file the application with the Iraqi Commission for Media and Communications as all the filing requirements should be ready at the date of filing
- The Iraqi CMC takes from 10 to 30 days to process applications filed with it
- Any of the requirements or charges stated above is subject to change as CMC is still a starter on this matter and its policies are under constant tweaking
- After registration and in case you or your client lose interest in the domain name registered, you are kindly requested to notify us three months before the renewal due date at the latest or we will renew the registration automatically.
- Activation of registered domains should take place in 48 hours from granting the registration


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