Designs and industrial models are protected in Algeria through registration with the competent office. Designs and industrial models created prior to filing the application are deemed novel.

Once an application is filed, it is examined as to the form only and is accorded a filing date immediately. The application is kept secret during the first year of the duration term, unless the applicant requests publication. Applications are published in the Official Gazette after the lapse of the first year of protection period or earlier, upon the applicant’s request. There is no provision for filing opposition. The total duration of a design registration is 10 years as of the filing date of the application, divided into two terms; the first year and the succeeding 9 years. Applicants must request the 9-year extension either on filing or within the first year; otherwise the registration will expire. A grace period of 6 months is allowed.

Any infringement or unauthorized use of a registered design or industrial model is punishable under the current law.


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