D1: Are designs registrable in Algeria?

D2: Should the design application be filed under the form of drawings or that of photographs?
- The design should be filed under the form of photographs , or specimens of the actual design.

D3: What are the novelty requirements for a design application to be valid?
- In order for a design application to be valid the following requirements have to be met:

The design application should be filed for the 1st time in Algeria.

It should not be published accordingly.

There should be creativity and distinctiveness in the design so that it would be distinguished and noted as different from other designs.

D4: Can convention priority be claimed in Algeria? (Paris Convention).
- Yes.

D5: Does Algeria use the international classification?
- Yes.

D6: Are there any goods or services for which the design can not be registered?

D7: Is the assignment of the creator mandatory for a design application?
- Yes.

D8: Is there any deadline to apply for the publication of a secret filing of a model/design?
Filing will not be a secret after publication at the end of the first year.

D9: Are there any special advantages in filing a one year model or a design in a secret form?
- No.

D10: Is it possible to file more than one design/model in the same application?
- No.

D11: What is the duration of protection of a model or design in Algeria? Is it possible to extend this duration?
- The duration of protection of a model/design is 10 years divided into 2 separate periods: first year and renewal for the other 9 years. No extensions allowed.

D12: Is use required to maintain the registration of a model or design in Algeria?
- No.

D13: Are designs/models protected by copyright law as well?
- Designs and models are protected by the copyright law.

D14: Are there provisions in the law to oppose a model/design registration?
- Yes, yet only through the court.

D15: Is it possible to apply for cancellation of a model/design filed in a secret form?
- Yes, yet only through the court.


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