C1: Is copyright protected in Algeria?
- Yes.

C2: What types of items are protected by copyright law in Algeria?
- Copy right includes any written, oral, dramatic, musical, choreographic, cinematographic, schematic, applied , photographic and Folklore works of art.

C3: What is the length of protection of a copyright in Algeria?
- Protection for the life time of the author plus 25 years following his death, but the other differ than mentioned, but less in some types.

C4: How long does a copyright take to be registered?
- It is registered as soon as the application is submitted.

C5: What kind of penalty does the Algerian copyright law provide against infringers?
- Article 390 of the law concentrates on the publication of infringed novels, pieces of music, paintings, or any other production whether typed or engraved. It considers the infringement of copyrights as a crime. Infringer is penalized with a fine ranging from 500 Algerian Dinars (~US$7) to 10,000 Algerian Dinars (~US$125). He who imports infringed publications is also a subject of punishment.

Article 391 of the Penal Law in Algeria considers every act of publishing or announcing any information relating to any copyright an illegal act that is penalized in accordance with the provisions of the article 390.

Those convicted for transferring infringed copyrights are penalized with an imprisonment for a maximum of two years and a fine of 500 Algerian Dinars (~US$7) as a minimum and 20,000 Algerian Dinars (~US$250) as a maximum.

If this infringer, whether a person or establishment, continues the infringement work , the imprisonment will be doubled, and a double fine will be imposed.

There are also some complementary penalties obliging the closure of the infringing establishment, as per the article 26 of the Algerian Penal Law.

Also, the infringed products, books, paintings… etc could be confiscated in order to amend the original owner.

C6: Are there any limitations of copyright in the Algerian jurisdictions?
- No.

C7: Must transfer agreements be recorded?
- Yes.

C8: Must license agreements be recorded?
- Yes.

C9: Are there any consequences of non recordal of agreements?
- No.


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