Filing Requirements

1. A Power of Attorney notarized and legalized up to the Saudi Consulate.

2. A deed of assignment executed by the designer (if not the applicant), notarized and legalized up to the Saudi Consulate.

3. A certified copy of the priority document in the case of claiming priority, (late filing within three months from the filing date is possible).

Note: the original documents in points 1 and 2 should be submitted at the time of filing the application.


1. Full name and address of the applicant and the designer.

2. Description of the model or design together with the relevant drawings.

3. Type of the products for which the industrial model or design will be used.

4. In the case of disclosure through an official exhibition or any other public disclosure, the documents indicating such disclosures and date are required.

NOTE: A VAT of 5% has been implemented in Saudi Arabia for any payment or any jobs completed with issuing invoices on or after January 01, 2018.


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