C1: Is copyright protected in your country?

C2: What types of items are protected by copyright law in your country?
The following Intellectual works:

i- books, booklets and other written matters
ii- works given verbally as lectures, speeches and sermons
iii- dramatic plays and musical plays
d- musical works whether accompanied by words or not
e- the works of designing eurythmics and pantomime
f- photography works
g- cinema, television and broadcasting work, and creative audio visual works, and computer programs
h- works of applied arts whether handicraft or industrial
ix- works of drawing and painting with lines or colors, architecture, sculpture, decorative arts engraving, designs, geographical and topographical plans designs, and relief maps
x- encyclopedias, sundries and selections which form, in respect of selecting, arranging and editing their material, intellectual creative works.

C3: What is the length of protection of a copyright in your country?
Life of the author plus 50 years for inheritors.

C4: How long does a copyright take to be registered?
Two weeks to one month.

C5: What kind of sanctions does your copyright law provide against infringers?
Detention and monetary punishment (Dhs 10000 to 50000) or either one, seizure of the unauthorized publications, closing the infringing shops.

C6: Are there any limitations of copyright in your jurisdictions?
No provisions in the law.

C7: Must transfer agreements be recorded?.

C8: Must license agreements be recorded?.

C9: Are there any consequences of non recordal of agreements?


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